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“Big Mind, Big Heart”

In July I attended a workshop called “Big Mind, Big Heart.”  It’s the work of Genpo Roshi, a Zen Buddhist teacher, who has in my opinion bridged the gap between a sitting meditation practice and a form of voice dialogue that moves through the psychological barriers to a transcendental state of being. 

At the workshop held here in Auckland by a visiting teacher trained by Genpo Roshi, I experienced a real recognition of all the inner voices that run my life.  At the workshop we all shared the same inner voices.  For example, there is the voice of the controller, the voice of the protector, the voice of the sceptic and so on.  What was delightful and at times so funny was how these inner voices just wanted to be heard, and how they have a job to do and to do well.  At the end of the workshop as the transcendent voices spoke, like the voice of Big Heart, such deep compassion and love filled the whole room. 

It’s an experience that has certainly deepened my own meditation practice, and one that I would recommend to anyone following a spiritual path.

There’s a lot of information on the Internet about Genpo Roshi and the teachings he is giving.

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