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Being Here Now

I’m here writing this blog and you’re out there somewhere on the planet reading it.  And as I write I reflect on a concept that came out of last week’s blog called, Footprints in the Sand.  I realized that day on that walk that those imprints would never be repeated in the same way again.  Just as in this moment of writing, or you reading this will never again happen in quite the same way. 

Everything is rising and falling and passing away.  “All is annica, annica, annica”, as the Buddha taught.  Each moment is totally unique.  Some moments may be repeated again and again, but not one will be quite the same as the other.  And how many unique moments slip by because we are not fully engaged in the present?  Our minds are so often grappling with the future, or besieged by the past.  Have you noticed how much richer and fulfilled you feel when you are fully present in anything you do?  With this understanding comes a greater appreciation of the gift of life.  Out of this gift there is gratitude to hone our senses so that not only do we live mindfully, but also in greater accordance with our true nature, that of truth, beauty and goodness.

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