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Being Aware of Your Thoughts

As I so often write in these blogs the mindís job is very specific.  It just keeps on creating thoughts.  And part of the understanding in meditation practice is learning acceptance that this happens.  If we donít we end up frustrated, and contemptuous of the poor old mind, and what often seems a never ending stream of thoughts.  As we accept and allow this phenomenon we deepen in our compassion for ourselves.  We become a lot more tolerant to when thoughts arise in meditation.  We start to be aware that a thought has arisen, and we catch ourselves before the thought turns into a story, drama, melodrama. 

As time goes on in our meditation practice we begin to notice as we go about our day, that thoughts are arising.  Rather than give way to the thought, just being aware of the thought, for example, ďOh I just had that thought about so and so, and how I was trying to justify myselfĒ, takes the energy out of it and allows the mind to become more tranquil.

Of course, there are many times we need to engage with the mind.  Iím talking about the mindís endless chatter that is caught up in the past, or jumping to the future. 

See what itís like for you to be aware when a thought arises, ďAh, so hereís this thought.Ē  Let it pass on by.  Feel what that feels like in your body after you do this for a while.  Are you feeling more relaxed, calmer, and perhaps inwardly quiet?

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