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Another One Pointed Focus Technique

All that we need to live fulfilling lives resides within us.  For example, if we are aware of the breath that is there all the time we will become centred and focused, and our lives will be more harmonious and loving.  Fragrant Heart offers you many guided meditations and visualizations that encourage you to be aware of the breath. 

Here is another focused exercise, which you might like to try.  Look at the palm of either of your hands.  Our hands have always been with us just like the breath.  Now focus on the palm of the hand for twenty seconds.  Really focus intently, observing every detail, the lines, the colours, and the veins, even the sensations you may feel there.  After twenty seconds, were you able to stay concentrated, or did your mind start to wander away as thoughts came in? 

Now, just focus on a small spot on your palm, about an inch, or two centimetres in diameter.  Do this for about twenty seconds.  Your mind again may get restless, but see if you can resist the urge to lose your focus.  When you have finished you may be surprised at just how much detail you’ll see in that small spot on the palm of your hand. 

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