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An Alternative to Extreme Makeovers

Have you ever watched one of those extreme makeovers on TV? The person, usually a woman, after weeks and sometimes months of intensive treatment comes out looking ten years younger. It’s amazing what people are willing to undergo to achieve a more youthful look. On TV you can see women liposuctioned (fat sucked out of hips and abdomen), faces lifted, breasts augmented, flabby loose skin surgically removed, teeth implanted, noses reshaped, lips pumped out with filler, frowns and lines botoxed away, and multiple hair extensions to add to the new image.

The beauty industry turns over billions of dollars a year. Advertising, which focuses on a fantasy ideal of a female and a male body is designed to make people nervous about what they are apparently ‘lacking’, and also inadequate that they are not living up to the ideal beauty image.

Meditation Slows Down Ageing

Now consider that if you take up meditation you will slow down the visible signs of ageing. This could have millions of age defying enthusiasts flocking to meditation (if only they knew).

DHEA – The Age Defying Hormone

Research shows that if you meditate you increase the production of DHEA – that’s the code name for the only hormone in our bodies that decreases with age. So simply put, if you meditate you boost the production of DHEA and thereby slow down the ageing process. Not only that, the other benefits of meditation such as inner peace and calm radiate out from within also adding to the lustre of agelessness. Look at any stressed out person. You’ll notice how they not only look haggard, but much older than their years.

If your physical looks are important to you, consider meditation as a non-invasive procedure that will enhance not just your beauty but every other aspect of your life as well.

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