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Afraid to Meditate?

If you have thought about a meditation practice but have quite a resistance, then consider that you could have some fears in starting.

What would be some common fears that would stop a person from meditating?

Here’s a list of the more common responses people make:

  1. “I just don’t have enough time.  I’m already overloaded.”
  2. “It seems like a really boring thing to do.”
  3. “I keep on meaning to but I don’t seem to get around to doing it.”
  4. “I began meditation years ago but somehow it wasn’t for me.”
  5. “Others may think I’m really weird doing something like that.”
  6. “I’ll become so laid back that I’ll lose all motivation to do things.”
  7. “Meditation is for hippies and fringe dwellers.”
  8. “I just don’t have any space in my noisy household.”
  9. “There’s nothing wrong with me, why would I want to meditate?”
  10. “I have my own religious convictions and meditation could interfere with my beliefs.”

Let’s face it meditation is not for everyone.  If you have come to the Fragrant Heart website, and maybe even reading this blog, then some part of you is reaching out to find out more about meditation.

Anything that is new, or is change brings about either a response or a reaction.  However, if you get a positive response to meditate then the simplest thing to do is begin regardless of time, place, space, or others attitudes toward you.  This is something you are doing for yourself, and you need to be clear about that.  Being aware of your fears is also a way of challenging them and carrying on.  The Fragrant Heart website offers many techniques, and simple ways to begin.  Use the website as an introduction, and a place to come back to from time to time.

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